Petrel Profiles

Oglethorpe is distinguished by its vibrant student body, whose diversity and determination inspire learning and the determination to make a life, make a living, and make a difference.

Alumni and friends of Oglethorpe play a special supporting role in coming alongside students and helping meet their needs when it comes to facing financial, academic and personal challenges.

Please learn more about OU students and how philanthropy is positively impacting their college experience and making an OU education possible.

Isabelle Nangano photo with quote

Isabella Nangano ’23

Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ

Major: International Relations

OU Grateful: “You make my education possible. As a donor, your impact is in the opportunities available and the financial support and security of scholarships.”

Lola Oyinloye photo and quote

Lola Oyinloye ’21

Hometown: Douglasville, GA

Major: Double major in political science and economics

OU Grateful: “Our donors’ investment in me has a major impact on my college experience. Thank you, donors, for investing in my education and that of other students.”

Makayla Adams photo

Makayla Adams ’22

Hometown: Woodstock, GA

Major: Communications with a political science minor

OU Grateful: “I met alumni who give back to Oglethorpe they loved their experience. They know the value of an OU education and want to give that to others.”

Marie Stanford photo

Marie Stanford ’23

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA

Major: Communications with a psychology minor

OU Grateful: “I’m thankful to the donors who invest in me as a student. I would not experience the life-changing opportunities without these OU resources.”

Taj Lowe photo

Taj Lowe ’23

Hometown: Loganville, GA

Major: Double major in physics and engineering

OU Grateful: “I’m gaining new perspectives and improving my methods of reasoning. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of amazing donors. Thank you for donating.”

Ashley Dodson ’21

Hometown: Augusta, GA

Major: Economics with a minor in Politics

Campus Involvement: Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Economics Club, Black and Gold Club, OU Panhellenic Council

Favorite Class: Public Choice with Dr. Copeland. “It helped me see how relevant economics is, especially in politics.”

How was OU faculty supported you?: ”I have received countless opportunities due to the support of the OU faculty and staff, specifically, my Compass Advisor Dr. Sharfman. He helped me so much my first year.”

OU Grateful: “I will be the first child among my siblings to finish college. OU donors are truly impacting future generations by giving to Oglethorpe. Thank you!”

Jordyn Billings ’22

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major: Sociology with minors in Non-Profit Management & Art History

Campus Involvement: Orientation Leader, Founder of Oglethorpe Fashion Club

Favorite Class: Gender and Society with Dr. Pham. “Sociology, in general, has helped me better understand the world and this class helped me further explore my identity and power.”

Why Oglethorpe?: “I loved the small school in a big city atmosphere! It allows for diversity and close connections with staff. I instantly felt surrounded by people who cared.”

Favorite OU Tradition: Orientation Day of Service

OU Grateful: The James Edward Oglethorpe Scholarship has allowed me to pursue higher education without the fear of financial uncertainty and has opened doors to the many opportunities OU has to offer. This scholarship also motivates me to cultivate a future where I can become a donor for the next generation of Oglethorpe students.”

Rebecca Castro ’22

Hometown: Brasilia, Brazil

Major: Biopsychology, Pre-Med Track

Campus Involvement: SGA, Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity

Favorite Spot on Campus: Hearst Hall. “It is a wonderful place to be a student and is a beautiful setting that makes me feel like I truly study in a castle.”

How has OU supported you?: “My wonderful Compass Advisor who helped me register for class and stay on track during my freshman year. He provided emotional support and knowledge that helped me balance my pre-med classes and my major.”

OU Grateful: “Oglethorpe has opened doors for me that I would otherwise never have experienced. I am and will always be grateful for the opportunities that donors have helped provide for me.”

Kiana Perkins ’21

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Major: Politics with a Spanish minor

Campus Involvement: Black Student Caucus, SGA, African Student Association, Film Club

Favorite Class: Spanish Culture & Cuisine with Dr. Chandler. “It was a very interactive class. We learned about countries that are often overlooked and got to eat food from each one!”

OU Grateful: “Thank you for removing financial barriers to higher education. Because of my scholarship, I am able to focus on all that Oglethorpe has to offer academically and socially. I have grown in every area of my life and had experiences that many students dream of having. None of this would be possible without your help.”

Tyrell Snagg ’23

Hometown: Conyers, GA

Major: Dual Degree Engineering

Campus Involvement: Chi Phi Fraternity, Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, Jazz Band, Resident Assistant

Favorite OU Tradition: The Ringing of the Carillon Bells. “I think it is a beautiful symbol for the graduating seniors to welcome them into the real world. I cannot wait until it is my time to ring those bells!”

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Game Room in the Turner Lynch Campus Center (TLCC). “I enjoy playing pool, foosball, and other games while sipping on some Starbucks.”

OU Grateful: Given the opportunity to meet one of my scholarship donors, saying ‘thank you’ could never suffice. I would like to share with donors a glimpse of my college life. I have grown into an academically stronger student and I have also expanded into different organizations that further developed my passions. If I were somehow able to gift this beautiful image of my college career, I would give it to my donor as a token of my appreciation for what their contribution has given to me.”


Angelica Sanchez Vega ’21

Hometown: Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico

Major: Economics; Computer Science Minor

Campus Involvement: Women’s Golf, (H)OLA Oglethorpe Latinx Organization, Rotaract Club

Why Oglethorpe?: “The small student body makes me feel more at home, and I interact much more with my teachers. Because I have friends in each class, I have the sense of being pretty close to everyone on campus. The athletics program, great location and campus facilities also influenced my decision.”

Favorite OU Tradition: “The Liberal Arts and Sciences Symposium is an opportunity to learn about important and interesting student projects. It is an amazing experience to watch, learn and support fellow classmates and friends present topics they are passionate about.”

Favorite Spot on Campus: “The quad. From this beautiful green space, I love to see the seasons change and the pretty colors they bring.”

OU Grateful: “I would not be the person I am today if I had not experienced Oglethorpe’s environment and location. I especially appreciate the scholarship which allowed me to come to OU. I work hard every single day to make my parents, professors and instructors, donors, and myself proud to be an Oglethorpe University student-athlete.”

Carlos Sone ’22

Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL

Major: Biopsychology

Campus Involvement: Men’s Basketball, National Society of Leadership and Success

Favorite class: “My philosophy class really made me work. Dr. Printz is an amazing teacher and always was available to talk outside of class. The class was challenging, which forced me to improve at formulating an argument and organizing thoughts in a paper. I ended the class with a much better sense of the subject and heightened writing skills.”

Favorite OU Tradition: Thanksgiving meal in the dining hall

OU Grateful: “I am thankful for the supportive faculty and staff. They make my life more productive as an athlete and student by providing the proper resources and guidance to succeed. The OU community gives me the space I need to flourish as an individual while being available at any time I need some assistance. Everyone can grow and develop throughout their time at Oglethorpe.”

Sydnee Jackson ’22

Hometown: Suwanee, GA

Major: Biology (Pre-Med); Spanish Minor

Campus Involvement: Women’s Basketball, Programming Board Representative, Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, Resident Assistant, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Serve Team

Why Oglethorpe?: “My high school was large, so in college, I wanted to experience smaller classes and more close-knit relationships with my classmates and professors. I wanted to play basketball in a competitive program where basketball was as important as academics. Oglethorpe has an incredible science program: this is very important since I am studying to become an obstetrician and gynecologist.”

Best OU Athletics memory? “Our team trip to Costa Rica was my first time traveling out of the country. I formed awesome relationships with all of my teammates. This team trip was an important aspect of why our team was so successful this year (NCAA Sweet Sixteen). We got to know each other outside of basketball which translated onto the court. I am thankful for the opportunity.”

Favorite Spot on Campus: “The Cousins Center. There are many places to study, and it is open 24/7. Most of my classes are held here, so it’s beneficial to study – for as long as I would like – where I will be taking most of my classes, labs and tests.”

OU Grateful: “As an OU student, I am setting myself up for future success. This would not be possible without alumni and donors who financially support Oglethorpe. I am extremely grateful for scholarships that allow me to attend such a prestigious school. Thank you to the alumni and donors who financially support my education and athletics experience.”

Tyler Rover ’21

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Major: Business Administration

Campus Involvement: Men’s Golf, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Serve Team

Why Oglethorpe?: “Oglethorpe is in an attractive location and offered me the opportunity to pursue an academic career in business while enjoying an athletic career on the golf course.”

Best OU Athletics memory? “My best memory is competing in the conference championship my freshman year and being named to the all-sportsmanship team. This is a selection of conference players who exhibit good sportsmanship, great character and fair play.”

Favorite OU Tradition: “Oglethorpe Day brings the whole campus together on the quad.”

OU Grateful: “­­­­­A small school experience offers more than just what you sign up for. I ‘signed up’ to study business and play on the golf team. But, OU came with so many more opportunities like the ability to grow my leadership skills, develop critical thinking techniques, gain the confidence to present myself professionally in different environments, and become a better version of myself during my time at Oglethorpe. To the alumni and donors who support everything that goes on at Oglethorpe, we thank you for giving us a platform to make a life, make a living, and make a difference.”