Students come first.

Oglethorpe students are smart, creative, committed, inspiring… and our reason for being. But many Oglethorpe students also struggle to afford their education; and because of financial barriers, some never get here at all.

Students are our top priority.

  • 90% of Oglethorpe students rely on university scholarships and other aid to cover the cost of their education.
  • Only 10% who require financial aid receive all of the help he or she needs.

Growing the scholarship base enables the university to recruit and retain all of the excellent students that seek an Oglethorpe education.

And by awarding scholarships on merit as well as need, Oglethorpe can also attract and keep outstanding students who drive us to be a top-performing, top-tier institution.

But a college education doesn’t only happen in the classroom. The new A_LAB is taking learning to a whole new level by strongly encouraging every student to engage in at least one experience as part of their Oglethorpe education. From internships to study abroad programs, community service projects to undergraduate research, the A_LAB opens the door for more students to test what they learn through real-world, whole-world encounters.

Whether around the corner or across the world, experiential learning allows Oglethorpe to capitalize on its Atlanta location like never before. However, the additional costs of providing this kind of hands-on learning demands new scholarships to help ensure that every one of our students can afford to experience it.



Faculty set Oglethorpe apart

The professors of Oglethorpe define the university. They inspire, demand, nurture and challenge students each day. No one understands this better than our alumni.

Today, members of Oglethorpe’s faculty have mapped a course to make our academic offerings even more vibrant. New initiatives will improve instruction and connect coursework to activities outside the classroom, including:

  • Enabling more undergraduates to conduct original research
  • Introducing essential new active learning technologies into the classroom
  • “Reimagining” the classrooms to increase student-faculty interaction

Naturally, these faculty initiatives all focus on student learning. But it is also crucial to have the financial resources to support faculty teaching and faculty scholarship, so that Oglethorpe continues to attract and keep the kind of teachers who touch and change lives.


student and donor

The all-important annual fund

Every university has an annual fund, but not everyone understands how such a fund works.

The annual fund is a discretionary fund that helps us manage unforeseen developments and execute plans for growth. The annual fund has a profound impact on Oglethorpe’s financial security, reputation and ability to raise other funds.

We have made strides in growing the number of donors and the amount of unrestricted funds available through this important effort. Yet, we are called to do more. We have an ambitious goal to reach $2 million by 2020.

A gift to the annual fund provides expanded opportunities for our students to achieve their potential. And remember — while every dollar counts, every person counts even more